Dymo LetraTag 200B Bluetooth Label Maker

Bluetooth Label Maker

Dymo LetraTag 200B Bluetooth Label Maker Value Pack, Compact Label Printer, Connects Through Bluetooth Wireless Technology to iOS and Android, Includes 3 Assorted Label Tapes

Item Description:

Experience the convenience of the Dymo LetraTag 200B Bluetooth Label Maker, designed for effortless organization at home, in the office, or on the go. This compact, lightweight device connects automatically via Bluetooth to your Apple or Android smartphone, allowing you to create custom labels in seconds using the intuitive DYMO app.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Bluetooth Connection: Ready for use within seconds, enabling seamless label creation directly from your smartphone.
  • Portable Design: Compact and battery-operated, making it easy to carry in your bag for on-the-go labeling.
  • Compatible with DYMO LetraTag Labels: Optimized for use with authentic DYMO LetraTag labels, which feature 100% recycled external cassettes and come in a variety of colors and types.
  • Customizable Labels: Create fully personalized labels with 5 font sizes, 15 box styles, over 100 icons, and options to underline, add multiple lines of text, or insert dates.
  • User-Friendly LetraTag Connect App: Offers 8 pre-saved templates and organizational tips to streamline your labeling process.


  1. Ease of Use: The automatic Bluetooth connection simplifies setup, making the label maker ready for immediate use.
  2. Portability: Its lightweight, battery-operated design is perfect for mobile use, ideal for those who need to label items in different locations.
  3. Versatile Labeling Options: With numerous customization features, you can tailor labels to meet various needs, enhancing organization and aesthetics.
  4. Environmental Considerations: The use of 100% recycled external cassettes for labels reflects an eco-friendly choice.
  5. Efficient App Integration: The LetraTag Connect app enhances usability with pre-saved templates and practical organization tips.


  1. Battery Dependency: As a battery-operated device, frequent use may require regular battery replacements, which can be inconvenient and costly over time.
  2. Smartphone Requirement: The label maker relies entirely on a smartphone for operation, which may not be ideal for users who prefer standalone devices or do not own a compatible smartphone.
  3. Label Cartridge Limitations: Optimal performance is achieved with authentic DYMO LetraTag labels, potentially limiting the use of third-party alternatives and increasing long-term costs.
  4. App-Dependent Features: The advanced features and templates are accessible only through the app, which might not appeal to users who prefer less tech-reliant solutions.
  5. Learning Curve: While intuitive, users unfamiliar with Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone apps might face a slight learning curve initially.

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