Brady M210 Portable Label Printer

Brady M210 Portable Label Printer

Brady M210 Portable Label Printer – Labelling Device & Label Maker Handheld – Industrial Labelling Machine – incl. 1 Label Cartridge – replaces BMP21-PLUS Label Printer

Item description

The Brady M210 Portable Label Printer is a reliable tool designed to print durable labels ranging from 6 to 19 mm in width. This printer allows you to customize the label length to fit your specific needs, making it highly versatile.


  1. Premium Materials: The M210 uses top-quality materials that ensure your labels are durable and long-lasting. The printer supports continuous materials, which means you can adjust the label length as needed.
  2. Adaptability: With 7 specialized and durable materials, this printer caters to a variety of industries. Whether you need labels for electrical, telecommunications, or general office use, the M210 offers a customized solution for your labeling needs.
  3. Robust Design: Built to withstand tough conditions, the M210 is drop-proof and comes with rubber protection. This feature ensures the printer remains functional even after accidental falls, providing reliability in demanding environments.
  4. Ergonomics: The printer’s ergonomic design includes a convenient cutting and holding device. After cutting, the label stays in place, preventing it from falling out and ensuring a smooth labeling process.
  5. Professional Use: Optimized for professional settings, the M210 is perfect for environments that require flexibility, durability, and the ability to handle high volumes of data. It comes with an M21-750-499 label cartridge, ready for immediate use.


  1. Size Limitation: The label width is restricted to a range of 6 to 19 mm. For those needing wider labels, this printer might not be suitable.
  2. Material Dependency: While the printer supports 7 types of specialized materials, users may find limitations if they require other specific materials not supported by the M210.
  3. Initial Cost: The high-quality materials and robust design could make the initial investment higher compared to basic label printers. This might be a consideration for small businesses or individual users on a budget.

Overall, the Brady M210 Portable Label Printer is a robust and versatile tool designed for professional use, offering durability, adaptability, and ease of use. While there are some limitations in label size and material variety, its benefits make it a strong choice for many industries.

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