Phomemo M110 Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer

Phomemo M110 Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer

Phomemo M110 Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer, Upgraded Label Maker Machine for Phone and Windows/Mac(USB), Label Maker for Clothing, Jewellery, Retail, Address, Barcode, with 1 Label Roll

About Item

Introducing the Phomemo M110, an advanced Bluetooth thermal label printer that redefines convenience and efficiency in label printing. This upgraded version boasts an ultra-compact design, measuring a mere 3.4 x 3.3 x 1.1 inches, making it significantly smaller and lighter than conventional label machines. Say farewell to bulky, cumbersome models that eat up valuable space and waste resources.

One of the standout features of the Phomemo M110 is its powerful 2000mAh lithium battery. Once fully charged, this battery empowers the printer to churn out labels continuously, covering an impressive 980 feet of mileage. No more interruptions due to frequent recharging, allowing you to focus on your tasks without disruption.


  1. Compact and Portable: The ultra-small body size makes it convenient to carry and use anywhere, ideal for those who need a mobile printing solution.
  2. Long Battery Life: The large-capacity battery supports extensive printing without frequent recharging, enhancing efficiency and usability.
  3. High-Quality Printing: With a 25% increase in DPI, the printer delivers 203DPI resolution, ensuring high clarity and a smooth printing experience.
  4. Ink-Free Printing: The thermal printing technology eliminates the need for ink or toner, reducing operating costs and maintenance efforts.
  5. Versatile Application: Compatible with label sizes ranging from 0.24 to 0.6 inches (6mm-15mm), it’s perfect for a variety of uses, including organizing kitchens, offices, and more.
  6. Easy to Use: The “Hereprint” app simplifies the setup and connection process, and supports personalized label editing, including texts, graphics, barcodes, and QR codes.


  1. Limited Label Size: The maximum label width is 0.6 inches, which might be too small for some users’ needs.
  2. App Dependency: Full functionality relies on the “Hereprint” app, which means users must have a compatible smartphone and be comfortable using the app.
  3. Bluetooth Connection Only: The printer only connects via Bluetooth, which could be a limitation for users who prefer wired connections or need to connect to devices without Bluetooth capability.
  4. Thermal Paper Requirement: Requires thermal paper, which may not be as readily available as standard printer paper in some locations.

Application Installation and Use:

  1. Install the “Hereprint” app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the application and the label printer.
  3. Select the “Qutie” model in the app menu.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth and click the connect button.
  5. Start your printing tasks with ease.

The Phomemo M110 is a versatile and user-friendly option for anyone needing a portable and efficient label printing solution. Its compact design, long battery life, and high-quality printing make it a standout choice, despite some limitations regarding label size and app dependency.

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