Why Fiverr Removed Buyer Request?

Why Fiverr Removed Buyer Request


In the dynamic world of freelancing, platforms like Fiverr play an important role in connecting buyers with talented freelancers around the world. A key feature that allowed freelancers to proactively find new opportunities was the Buyer Requests section. However, to the surprise of the Fiverr community, the platform made a significant change by remove the buyer requests feature. In this article, we’ll examine the reasons behind Fiverr’s decision and its potential impact on freelancers.

Feature of buyer request:

For years, Fiverr’s buyer requests feature served as a gateway for freelancers to discover potential gigs. It allowed sellers to search through various job postings for buyers, and offered an opportunity to showcase their skills and services. This feature was important not only in helping freelancers with their first projects, but also in building long-term relationships with clients.

Reasons behind the decision:

Quality Control:

Fiverr has always been committed to maintaining high standards on its platform. Removing the feature of buyer requests can be seen as a move towards tighter quality control. By eliminating the bulk of generic and low-quality requests, Fiverr aims to ensure that only serious and genuine buyers interact with freelancers.

Enhancing User Experience:

Fiverr continuously strives to improve the overall user experience on its platform. Removing the buyer requests feature may be part of a larger strategy to streamline the user interface, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. This change may encourage buyers to explore Fiverr’s other features to find and hire freelancers.

Reducing spam and abuse:

Over time, the Buyer Requests section became prone to spam and abuse. Some sellers will flood the section with generic responses, making it difficult for serious buyers to find suitable freelancers. Removing this feature may be a proactive step by Fiver to combat spam and ensure a more efficient marketplace.

Changes to Fiverr’s Business Model:

Fiverr’s decision can also be linked to a change in its business model. The platform is exploring new ways to match buyers with sellers, focusing on personalized recommendations and algorithms rather than relying on public forums for job postings. This change may be in line with Fiverr’s vision for the future of freelancing.

Impact on freelancers:

Increase in competition:

With the removal of the feature of buyer requests, there may be increased competition for projects available to freelancers. The absence of a dedicated job posting space means sellers need to be more proactive in finding and securing gigs, possibly through other means such as promoting their services on social media or Fiverr. Using promotional tools.

Adaptation and Innovation:

Freelancers will need to adapt to the changing landscape on Fiverr. This may include optimizing their profiles, optimizing keywords, and actively participating in Fiverr’s promotional programs to increase visibility. Those who embrace these changes and innovate their approach to securing projects can find success in the evolving market.

More reliance on Fiverr’s algorithm:

As Fiverr moves to a more algorithm-based approach to matching buyers with sellers, freelancers will need to understand and optimize these algorithms. This may include staying updated on Fiverr’s guidelines, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, and continually improving your skills to align with the platform’s recommendations.


While the removal of the buyer requests feature on Fiverr may initially pose challenges for freelancers, the change is part of the platform’s ongoing efforts to enhance the overall user experience and maintain high quality standards. Must see as. Freelancers can navigate this change by adapting their strategies, embracing innovation, and taking advantage of emerging features and algorithms Fiverr introduces in the future. In the dynamic world of freelancing, flexibility and adaptability will be key factors to succeed on a platform like Fiverr.

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