12 Mistakes on Fiverr with Solutions 2023

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This article is for those who already have an account on Fiverr. As you may know, Fiverr has become increasingly crowded, making it challenging to secure orders. In such a competitive environment, optimizing your Fiverr account and gig through proper SEO techniques is essential. Our comprehensive guide exposes the top 50 mistakes to avoid on Fiverr in 2023. So, let’s dive into the pitfalls to steer clear of and discover their effective solutions. Implementing these strategies boost your chances of success and stand out from the crowd on Fiverr.

1. Master SEO and Avoid Costly Mistakes in 2023

Fiverr operates similarly to other search engines, It ranks your gigs depending on different factors we will clear all factors and mistakes which most sellers do we are writing this article after 4 months of research. We especially thank tech bit organizations for sponsoring us.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our exceptional team members: Freddie Top Rated, Alfie Top Rated, Mohammad Awais Top Rated, and Amelia Top Rated. Their unwavering dedication and relentless efforts have yielded remarkable outcomes that surpass all expectations. We applaud their outstanding contributions, which have undoubtedly paved the way for extraordinary results.

Choosing Name:

When creating a Fiverr account, it is important to select a username that includes relevant keywords related to your services. Our research revealed that the top search results often feature gig usernames incorporating service keywords. For instance, if you specialize in content writing, you may consider incorporating keywords like “ContentWriter” or “ProWriter” into your chosen username.

Benefit: It will increase your ranking in the search engine, and there will be higher chances for your
gig to come at the top.

2. Writing General Description

Writing general and copy descriptions on Fiverr is a big mistake most sellers can copy or write similar gig descriptions to others that’s why their account goes de-rank. Because when we create a new gig Fiverr bots and the team check the gig if your gig data will be copied or general then they will de-rank your gig.

You check that when you search your services on Fiverr you notice that there is a new seller as well the question is why they ranked on the first page even though they only have 1 or 2 reviews. The reason behind that is the unique gig so always write a unique gig description and used 2 to 3 keywords in your gig and do not spam.

3. Avoid Copying Others, Gig Data

The biggest mistake is that we copy the gig data if you make research while creating a gig and write everything from scratch then a higher chance of ranking.


We searched ( Branding ) and you may see that they are a lot of sellers which have less than 10 reviews even 1 seller has no review and no level and raking on the first page. So, it means that Fiverr counts a lot of factors not only reviews so focus on uniqueness.

4. Unique Fiverr Thumbnail

Most important factor unique gig thumbnail if you can design a unique thumbnail for the Fiverr gig then you will get ranked in a few time period. Gig thumbnails matter a lot we observe a lot of sellers and their orders in the queue we notice that a seller which has a unique thumbnail and is different then others getting orders.

Let’s explain if you see a lot of sellers use yellow colors in their gig thumbnail then avoid using yellow and try to use a color that you did not see on a first-page gig, When any client reaches a page where your gig fall then unique or different color attracts the buyer and buyer definitely opens your gig.

5. Use of one color

The most important mistake 90% of sellers did not know this trick if you apply it to your gig you will get a positive response if you use a different color in your gig like 1st thumbnail has blue, 2nd has green, and the third has red then it attracts different buyer after our research we observe that buyers attract from its favorite colors.

Suppose you are a buyer let’s search for something on Fiverr you will observe that your focus goes to your favorite color and you will open that gig so, always use different colors in your gig.


6. Simple, Clean, and Professional Fiverr thumbnail

The biggest mistake sellers add a lot of text images and vectors into their Fiverr gig thumbnails a result it looks unprofessional also Fiverr mention in their blog to write simple and clean Fiverr thumbnails. Do not add badges and write top-rated seller because it’s against Fiver TOS.


7. Fiverr Gig Packges

The biggest mistake seller do in packages every new seller starts from 5$ they think if they add the lowest price buyers hire them but this is the beginning of all mistakes. Fiverr did not mean 5$ and they never force any seller to start from 5$.


Let’s try to understand Fiverr is a platform that wants businesses to want to earn more income when why do they promote sellers who have a low budget? They definitely promote sellers who have standard packages not too low not too high. We search different categories we found almost the same results here we are searching results of only one search term BRANDING guess what? a seller who on the first page with fewer reviews did not starts their services from 5$. So apply this magic to your new gig.

8. Spelling/Grammer Mistakes on Fiverr

Same as above this is also the biggest mistake on Fiverr we search for some dead Fiverr gigs from the end of pages we found that 70% of gigs were dead or on the last page because they did a lot of blunders they did spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.

9. No Gig Promotion on Social Media

This is another big Fiverr gig ranking factor always advertise or promote your Fiverr gig to the right audience. What new sellers can do they share their gigs on Facebook to exchange favorites this is the major de-ranking factor of your Fiverr gig because most of your audience clicks on your gig and just give you favorites and did not spend time on your gig its leaves a bad impression on Fiverr bots.

Advertise your gig on Pinterest and Quora these are the platform where you will get organic traffic and buyer will hire you if your Fiverr gig images rank on Google once anyone hires your gig will rank.

10. Jump in Competition

Right now it’s very difficult to survive on freelancing platforms they update their policies day by day most keywords have a lot of competition so avoid falling into competition search for some low-competition keywords.

High Competition Keyword (Logo Design)


Low Competition Keyword (Business Logo)


11. Fake Profile Image

After research, we found that clients trust a seller who has their own profile images however you can use your brand identity but we recommend using your own image.

Pro Tip

  • Use smiley face images
  • Use clean 1 color background
  • Click an image with a suite

12. A Big Fiverr Mistake is Overcommitting

One of the big mistakes on Fiverr is over-committing. If you fail to deliver work that you committed on Fiverr gig or in the Fiverr chat box before ordering then the client has the option to contact Fiverr support, resulting in the flagging of your account. Flagging can be compared to receiving a strike on YouTube; if your profile receives three flags, your account will be blocked.

Fiverr took serious action against these types of mistakes if your account can’t block then maybe your account goes dead so offer what you are able to deliver.


This is our 3 to 6-month research and we will be updating these articles and will come up with 45 more mistakes which most Fiverr sellers do while publishing their gigs. So focus on these 12 mistakes you will find effective results do not forget to follow our blog for amazing updates

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